Ashley Qamar

My name is Ashley Qamar and I am running for the position of  Vice President of Student Life. I currently serve as a Senator for GSB class of 2020 and I have been a member of the House Committee for the past year. As the Vice President of Student Life my hope is that all students find some time in their undergraduate career to engage with student clubs and organizations. As a an active member of USG, House Committee, Diversity Action Coalition, the Dorothy Day Center, and the Social Innovation Collaboratory I have continually worked to make Fordham a more inclusive environment for all students. I have worked as a liaison between these different clubs and organizations on campus, and I hope to continue to do so in the future. As VP of Student Life I hope to restructure and develop the roles of the House Committee. I would like to do so by holding info sessions and meetings with current club leaders concerning the club suite application and current club suite allocations. I would also like to align the House Committee with the structures and deadlines of the Budget Committee and the Operations Committee to make it easier for club leaders to access information. As the VP of Student Life I would also like to expand and strengthen the programming roles held by the House Committee. I would like to do so by introducing a new event, the event would be to host an Easter Sunday or Christmas mass in Spanish for families in partnership with parishes in the Fordham/Belmont community.