2020 Budget Report


The Student Activities Budget Committee has been working all semester to serve the Fordham Community through the guidelines accepted by the Student Life Council in order to, “Promote the educational and personal development of Fordham students by providing co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which will foster the greatest interaction among students.” 

On December 5th, the Committee met for nine hours to determine the allocations of the Student Activities Fee for the Spring 2021 semester in order to best meet the aforementioned goals of the committee. After the allocations to the Office for Student Involvement, Club Sports, and Senior Week, the Committee had $481,200.00 to allocate to student run clubs and organizations on campus. The committee allocated $292,340.00 out of the $342,533.60 requested for block funded clubs and $114,122.06 out of the $214,313.17 requested for standard funded clubs.

Budget Committee Guidelines Changes

This semester the committee worked tirelessly to revise the Budget Committee Guidelines which is published on the USG website to include new information that would make the budgeting process for both club leaders and the budget committee more thorough. These changes to the guidelines were approved this Fall 2020 semester by the Committee, USG, and SLC. The following changes are now in effect for the Spring 2021 semester.

The Budget Committee decided to change the term “Standard Funded” to “Event Funded.” The term “Event Funding” refers to a funding classification of clubs and organizations in the Fordham Community  who apply for funding with specifications of line-items and backup documentation in their Budget Packets whose semesterly allocations vary in amount. 

Another change made by the Budget Committee is the reallocation requests. If a club does not use all of the funds allocated for the semester, the unused funds over $5,000 may be reallocated to a different, future event in the semester. Back-up documentation and other documentation still need to be submitted. “Reallocations below $5,000 may be reallocated without submitting a reallocation request to the Budget Committee as long as they were not previously deemed by the Budget Committee and/or the Office for Student Involvement to be an unwise allocation and still meet the requirements of the Budget Committee Guidelines.” Lastly, for all the clubs that are designated as service clubs, “they may receive no more than $1,500 for their total semesterly allotment.”