Selin Berberoglu

Candidate for FCRH 2019 Senate


My name is Selin Berberoglu and I am running for a position on United Student Government Senate. If elected, I want to use my position to make positive changes to Fordham and represent my class’s needs, wants, and opinions. In my two years at Fordham University, I realize several things. One, the community within Fordham does not reflect nor does it reach out to the community around it. Two, the community around Fordham has almost no presence within the University nor does it make an effort to reach out. Lastly, I have realized that I want to change these issues that affect our University.

I want to collaborate with Fordham and other local businesses around the Bronx to take on a more active role in working together and allowing local businesses to have the opportunity to showcase themselves on campus. In addition, I want to work with Fordham’s volunteer organizations and extracurriculars to ensure that our message to “go forth and set the world on fire” by starting right at our doorstep and taking care of the needs of our surrounding community that we call home. I want Fordham and its students to live up to the message that we spread about becoming men and women for others by being men and women for the people right next door. I want to allow my position as a chance for those in the Class of 2019 to make their voices and opinions heard. I want to represent my fellow students and guarantee that all decisions made by USG benefits everyone and furthers Fordham’s mission to make the world a better place by instilling Jesuit values along with a great education in its students.

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