Sara Brown

Candidate for VP of Communications


After two years as a Gabelli Senator, I have discovered some of the areas of improvement for United Student Government to ensure its success as an organization for change. I will be running on a platform of four main components: visibility, USG liaison expansion, outward and inward communications revamping. Firstly, I have witnessed that visibility is a chronic issue afflicting the Executive Board and Senate. To improve visibility, I will curate two social media posts a week to create an online presence. Then, I will tackle the on-campus presence with increased programming in conjunction with the VP of Student Life. Next, I plan to greatly increase signage with posters, bulletin boards, contact cards and a further investigation into a phone number for USG (a service several other USG’s use). This signage will hopefully be a catalyst in receiving student feedback. Finally, I want to increase co-sponsorship of club events because we are a resource to the over 100 clubs on campus. By aiding clubs, United Student Government is also getting the opportunity for more face time with the student body.

Furthermore, I view the VP of Communications as a liaison of United Student Government, representing its communications. Thus, I want to increase the liaison roles in the Senate and act as a mentor to ensure the liaisons are communicating the appropriate messages. Previously, I was the Dining Services Liaison, and I saw how vital the role was to improving the dining experience. I would like to propose the additions of a Facilities and a Community Board 6 liaison. As the IT Department Liaison, I will forge a stronger relationship with IT to make sure the student body is informed of all changes.

Next, a key area to expand in this position is interpersonal communications. First, I will create monthly or quarterly newsletters that will go out to the student body to inform students what their representatives are doing. The newsletters would include information like the club of the month and latest initiatives. Hopefully, this will also get more traction to our website if people want to see more. Then, I want to create a survey for the student body to gain feedback. Previously, USG conducted a visibility survey which was very successful. Also, I will personally connect with student publications on campus, to hear about the issues and successes of student government from their perspective. This is key since the publications utilize polls and interviews to understand the student body’s perspective.

Finally, I will enhance the inner communications of United Student Government to ensure efficiency. This platform will be achieved through improving talent retention and recruitment with increased incentives and rewards. I will facilitate more frequent awards and check-in meetings with Senators to increase guidance. In addition, I will include brief weekly updates in the weekly reminders by the Executive Vice President. These recaps will hopefully keep all senators focused on the long-run accomplishment of tasks instead of the short-run weekly updates.

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