Liz Crennan

Candidate for VP of Finance


My name is Elizabeth Crennan (FCRH, 2019) and I am running for the position of Vice President of Finance. I currently serve as the VP of Finance. As a freshman I was a member of the Student Activities Budget Committee where I served as a voting member and a liaison to thirteen clubs. While I was a liaison on the Budget Committee I chaired a subcommittee that wrote the Guide to Budgeting, a resource to support club leaders with the complexities of budgeting.

As VP of Finance this past year I have had various roles within United Student Government. I supervised the allocation of over $1,000,000 annually to student run clubs and organizations on campus through the Budget Committee. Additionally, I organized and facilitated the recruitment, interviews and selection of eleven students on the Budget Committee. In an effort to provide more resources for clubs, I have provides training sessions, resources and one-on-one budget guidance for the student leaders from over 139 student clubs. I have also sat on the executive board of United Student Government, and as treasurer, have overseen and monitored the finances of the United Student Government. My greatest achievement as VP of Finance this past year has been passing revisions to the Student Activities Budget Committee Guidelines with the goal of updating and simplifying them for club leaders.

Below I have provided an outline of several plans I have for the upcoming year regarding the Budget Committee and its involvement with the Fordham Community.

  1. Focus on the implementation of the revised Student Activities Budget Committee Guidelines.
    1. Prepare clubs and organizations for the upcoming changes that will be implemented in Spring 2018.
      1. Hold meetings and info sessions with club leaders
      2. Making myself available for one-on-one office hours and meetings
      3. Provide documents and pamphlets with information about notable differences between the two documents
  2. Provide complete material and have training days for new Budget Committee members.
  3. Ensure that the current standards of accessibility is maintained through:
    1. Consistent and well publicized Budget Committee office hours
    2. Regular and thorough communication with clubs in order to ensure that they receive updates about the status of their appeals via OrgSync and email
    3. Holding training days for clubs in preparation for Budget Day
    4. Polling clubs to see what other resources they could potentially want/need in the process of budgeting
    5. ReĀ­evaluate how active each club is with their budget committee liaisons and evenly distribute these individual clubs to different liaisons

If selected for this position, I look forward to once again representing the Fordham undergraduate students and club leaders in my interactions with USG, the Student Life Council and Budget Committee

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