Patrick Fox

Candidate for VP of FCRH and Class of 2020 FCRH Senate


Over the last year as a member of United Student Government, I have been fortunate enough to learn many of the ‘tricks of the trade’ that help USG members form extraordinary goals that, when met, benefit the school academically and socially. I began my USG career by focusing specifically on my class. As a team, the Freshman Senate was able to help our class before our first set of finals by providing them with water bottles and granola bars with attached study tips. This semester, I teamed up with fellow class of 2020 Senator Lailinda Xu to make a guide for future members of USG at Fordham University. Doing this, I have learned how to operate within USG to achieve positive change in my community. I now feel that I am ready to move onto my own initiatives as a leader in the United Student Government Executive Board.

As the Vice of Fordham College at Rose Hill, the biggest thing that I want to focus on is bridging the gap between various groups of people at Fordham. The two main gaps that I want to focus on are the gaps between Fordham College (FCRH) and the Gabelli School of Business (GSB) and the students and the administration. Below are outlines of initiatives I would like to see put in place to bridge these gaps and make Fordham a place that can thrive academically.


  • Putting on TEDx with GSB Dean’s Council
    • The event was extremely successful last year and I really enjoyed being a part of it again this year.
    • I’d like to see this event publicized more with a bigger turnout.
    • With Fordham on the map as a school big enough to put on a TED event, we will be able to grow academically
  • FCRH and GSB Town Halls
    • One of the less well-known events of the FCRH Deans Council are the Town Halls featuring the Deans of FCRH and GSB. These are informative for students wondering more about the other college
  • Career Fairs with More Emphasis on Liberal Arts and STEM jobs
    • Most of our career fairs can be hard to navigate as someone who is not a business student. I would like to work with Career Services to see if this can be remedied.


Students and Faculty

  • Deans Council Instagram
  • As VP of FCRH, I want to use the FCRH Deans Council Instagram to get Dean Mast more integrated into the public eye.
  • Weekly Updates
  • I also want to see if there are any other possible ways that we can get information about what is happening in the faculty to the students

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