Sofia LaBella

Candidate for FCRH 2018 Senate


Attendees of a Jesuit university such as Fordham are hailed as men and women for others. This tenet applies not only to those outside of the community, but also to those within it. If elected to represent the class of 2018 in the Senate, I will never stop working for you. In my time at Fordham, I have seen the extraordinary things that our students do everyday. We are leaders, athletes, humanitarians, and artists, while always holding onto our identity as Rams. However, improvements and change are crucial to advancement and progress.

I have been involved with United Student Government for the last year, serving as a member of the Operations Committee. From this experience, I have learned a great deal about how the organization operates and where it is headed; its trajectory is hugely positive and I would like to play a role in this progress.

If elected, I will:

  • Continue to improve and assist Aramark in their integration onto campus, with the ultimate goal being services that work for students including longer hours and efficiency.
  • Increase transparency in the United Student Government processes, such as club funding, decision making, and other important aspects.
  • Work to create a FCRH day of service, with various options tailored to different interests and majors.
  • Uphold the current sexual misconduct benchmarks while continuing to improve upon them.
  • Promote a sense of unity between all organizations on campus to ensure a collaborative and progressive environment.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

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