Raymond Wu

Candidate for GSB 2020 Senate


Hi, everyone. I am Zexin Wu, aka. Raymond. I am from Shanghai. So here, instead of talking how many years I have served in student government, how many big and successful events I have organized and how wonderful a candidate I am, I’d rather talk about why this year I am still running for the Class Senate seat and why you and I have a common interest.

So, why am I running for the senate? Do I want the title? Well, of course, I do. But, what do I want to do with it? I could then get more involved in things I would love to achieve. I don’t know how many of you are getting so annoyed with tons of emails received every single day, yet you have to check them because you don’t want to miss a speaker panel you are waiting for or a networking event you are possibly getting an internship from. You don’t want to miss out. Meanwhile, you are so overwhelmed by all the information, uncategorized and massive information. That’s me, and that’s probably you. In short, I want to create a system or a platform to categorize and present all the events going on, so that you can quickly check and lock the event that you are interested in. At this stage, my partner and I are in the communication with PPD office and expecting to meet and talk to club leaders. So, this is a rough schedule for my term of office. To be honest, I will do this regardless if I am elected or not.

Trust me, vote for me, and I will be really honored to work for our common goals!

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