Lailinda Xu

Candidate for VP of Operations


My name is Lailinda Xu (you can call me Lai!) and I am running for your VP of Operations. Although I am only a freshman, I have already experienced too many existential crises, especially earlier in the year, when I feared I would not form and maintain close friendships. However, as the year progressed, I ventured out of my comfort zone and got into clubs such as University Choir, The Hot Notes, and United Student Government (as a Freshman Senator this year). I strongly believe that these clubs were what made me truly fall in love with Fordham, for I found a welcoming community of wonderful individuals with similar passions, and now, I want to have other students experience the same. Essentially, this is why I am running for VP of Operations—to serve as a connection between active clubs & organizations and the administration. In my upperclassmen years of high school, I was actually part of the Campus Life Leadership Committee, a group of student leaders who held the same responsibilities as Rose Hill’s Operations Committee: reviewing club applications and moving through each club’s process. Additionally, I am in Operations Committee this year, thus giving me experience in Fordham’s process with reviewing and working with potential clubs. With this experience, I understand that there is still much to improve on the new club process. As VP of Operations, I wish to reach out to larger campus organizations—such as Campus Ministry, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and academic departments—and create a stronger connection between them and Operations Committee. This way, a passionate student who wishes to create a club will already have strong resources and potentially work with them to bring his or her mission to life. Additionally, I intend to investigate how to deactivate defunct clubs quicker in order to allow more funds to be distributed amongst active clubs. Ultimately, my main goal is to guide current and future club leaders in fostering their own communities for all Fordham students. I would be incredibly honored to serve as your VP of Operations, and I hope I can re-lai (this is my only good pun!) on your vote!

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