Sustainability Committee


About the Committee

The United Student Government (USG) Sustainability Committee seeks to make our university a sustainable institution. We believe that as a Jesuit university, Fordham has a responsibility to care for the continuing health of the planet and its people. Our objective is to pursue concrete, effective initiatives that advance the goal of a healthy, viable future. We push every student, faculty, and staff member to reduce their present environmental impact while also seeking to imbue them with a long-term sustainable mindset.

Meetings are held at 6 pm EST on Wednesdays in McShane 112. 

If you have any questions, contact us via 

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  • The Sustainability Committee seeks to advocate for student interests in the area of Sustainability.
  • Acts as a liaison to the Sustainability Council, administration, faculty, staff, and the student body about issues of sustainability.
  • Serves as student body representative on issues in sustainability.
  • Advocates for a shift towards a sustainable culture on campus.
  • Oversees the implementation of sustainable changes within the Fordham community and follows through on the progress and maintenance of these initiatives.
  • Identifies key issues of sustainability on campus by surveying the state of campus sustainability, as well as consulting other students about their concerns and bringing them to the attention of the committee. 


Sean Power (Chair)
Olivia Frantzeskos (Vice-Chair)
Dr. Catharine McGlade, OSI Advisor
Andre Pulumbarit, Events & Communications Subcommittee Leader
Anthony Lekakis, Change the Fordham Subcommittee Leader
Caitlin Reed, Change the Fordham Subcommittee Leader
Jayden Curtis, Eco-Reps Subcommittee Leader
Lauren Larsen, Events & Communications Subcommittee Leader
Megha Verghese, Fordham Flea Subcommittee Leader
Olivia Clausen. Eco-Reps Subcommittee Leader
Sofia Miller, Campus Changes Subcommittee Leader
Tierney Kulju, Campus Changes Subcommittee Leader





Carlota Rahola Funallet
Dan Sponseller
Emma Vega
Ethan Shepard
Jack Glynn
Jack Moses
Kate Schneider
Lucy Meneghello
Matt Querfeld
Maxanne Millerhaller,
Meredith Leahy
Michelle Arribas
Olivia Griffin
Paul Ladouceur
Rhianna “Reese” Dains
Sean Power

Resources for students passionate about studying or becoming involved with sustainability at Fordham!



These courses offer discussions and/or science-based reasonings related to sustainability and environmentalism!

Environmental Justice (PJST 3200)
North American Environmental History (HIST 3390)
Environmental Economics (ECON 3850)
Environment: Sci, Law and Policy (NSCI 2060)
Environmental Ethics (PHIL 3109)
Sustainable Development (POSC 4040)
Religion and Ecology (THEO 4008)
Designing the City (VART 2050)
Environmental Design (VART 2055)
Intro to Environmental Studies (ENST 1000)
Politics Urban Health and Environment (POSC 3131)
Intro to Environmental Politics (POSC 3312)
Environmental Science (ENVS 3000)



Annual or semesterly events are available for students to participate in or learn about sustainability efforts on campus, and how to live more sustainably in general!

Sustainability/Earth Week: One week of programming each semester, with events on the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses to promote sustainable living to college students! The events held throughout this week include a Fordham Flea pop-up, designing tote bags, speakers who educate students and staff about sustainability, and more! Hosted by the USG Sustainability Committee, SEAJ, Climate Impact Initiative, and LC Environmental. 

Calder Center: The Calder Center is Fordham’s Biological Field Center, where many students lead their own ecological research projects. They offer many opportunities for research, internships, and developing relationships with professors. Traveling to the Calder Center is a fun way to take a break from the urban environment and escape to the wonderful forest landscapes! You can check the availability of Ram Vans, which now take students throughout the day to the Calder Center in a convenient 30-45 minute ride!

Farmers Market: Stop by the New York Botanical Gardens and explore their weekly farmer’s markets to buy fresh produce or check out a range of New-york based restaurants selling their food! This market continues from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each week until October 26th, and offers a good chance to have a quick break from the Fordham campus in the relaxing Botans right across the street!

Run for the Wild: The Bronx Zoo WCS’s annual 5K Run and 3K Family Fun Run/Walk. More than 5,000 runners and walkers attended this past year’s event, raising $483k for wildlife conservation.



Craig Frank, Director of Environmental Science,

Stephen Franks, Department of Biological Sciences,

Edward van Buren (Director of Environmental Studies),

Julie Kim, Director of English,

Guy Robinson, Department of Natural Science (LC),

Justin Pool, Biological Sciences Department,

Garnet Kindervater, Environmental Studies Adjunct Faculty,



Campus Ambassador Program with the Wildlife Conservation Society: Currently in the works! Please reach out to Liz Shim at or for more information if you’re interested.

Training for lobbying to Congress with a 15-week certification program, and becoming involved in outreach related to sustainability Citizen Climate HigherEd

Opportunities to volunteer related to environmental stewardship through the AmeriCorps program: NYC Civic Corps

More opportunities are coming since the opening of the Louis Calder Center, Fordham’s biological research station in Armonk, New York for volunteering with professors, or possible job and internship studies for Environmental Studies and Environmental Science students, or other interested students. Fordham Louis Calder Center

Further databases for students interested in internships and jobs related to sustainability:

The Intern Group


Department of Environmental Conversation 




Environmental Stewardship Organizations in the Bronx:

POTS (Part of the Solution)

Bronx is Blooming

Bronx River Alliance

Sustainable South Bronx


Educational Organizations:

Bronx Zoo

WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society)

Botanical Gardens


Government/Public Policy-Based Organizations:

Bronx Council for Environmental Quality



SEAJ: Students for Environmental Awareness and Justice

  • Help spread awareness of major sustainability issues both globally and in the Bronx, and spreading awareness of climate events for social activism in New York  

St. Roses Garden at Rose Hill

  • Students can partake in a community garden to acquire a green thumb

Climate Impact: Part of Fordham’s Social Innovation Collaboratory

  • Writing proposals and leading sustainability efforts on campus, including leading Sustainability and Earth Week events

Fordham Sustainable Fashion

  • Research and education about sustainable fashion 

Outdoors Club

  • Giving students the opportunity to hike, rock climb, and be physically active in nature outside Fordham.


  • Selling artisanal goods aimed at being sustainable