Sustainability Committee


About the Committee

The United Student Government (USG) Sustainability Committee seeks to make our university a sustainable institution. We believe that as a Jesuit university, Fordham has a responsibility to care for the continuing health of the planet and its people. Our objective is to pursue concrete, effective initiatives that advance the goal of a healthy, viable future. We push every student, faculty, and staff member to reduce their present environmental impact while also seeking to imbue them with a long-term sustainable mindset.

Please contact the Chairperson, Maggie Tattersfield, at

Sustainability Committee Meetings are open to all students. Weekly meetings are held in Campbell Multipurpose on Wednesdays at 6:30pm EST.

Budget Committee
The Sustainability Committee seeks to advocate for student interests in the area of Sustainability
  • Acts as a liaison to the Sustainability Council, administration, faculty, staff, and the student body about issues of sustainability. 
  • Serves as student body representatives on issues in sustainability.
  • Advocates for a shift towards a sustainable culture on campus.
  • Oversees the implementation of sustainable changes within the Fordham community and follows through on the progress and maintenance of these initiatives.
  • Identifies key issues of sustainability on campus by surveying the state of campus sustainability, as well as consulting other students about their concerns and bringing them to the attention of the committee.

USG Sustainability Committee Statement on Fast Fashion

A Statement Against Fast Fashion

Spring 2021 Subcommittees and Subcommittee Liaisons

  • 100% Renewable Energy with Environment America, Molly Gleason 
  • Dining, Nicolette Makris and Grace Dailey
  • Eco-Reps, Josephine Cohen, Molly Gleason, and Olivia Macdonald
  • Fordham Flea, Lauren Cassot and Liz Shim
  • Recycling, Caitlin Reilly and Allen Wang
  • Events, Kendall Cascell and Jonathan Eng
  • Landscaping with Herbicide Free Campus, Anthony Kraus and Amelia Medved
  • Communications, Andrew Falduto 
  • Change the Chamber, Colin Murphy

Alban Celaj

Allen Wang, Recycling Liaison

Amelia Medved, Landscaping Liaison

Andrew Falduto, Communications Liaison

Anthony Kraus, Landscaping Liaison

Caitlin Reed

Caitlin Reilly, Recycling Liaison

Cambria Martinez

Caroline Jentzen

Catherine Froehlich

Claire Qian

Colin Murphy, Change the Chamber Liaison

Corri Villany

Elena Walczak

Elizabeth Haywood

Ellie Truitt

Enzo Fata

Gerardo Galiano, Facilities Advisor

Grace Dailey, Dining Liaison

Grace Schmidt

Grace Thornton

Jennie Wuest

Jillian Dinowitz

Jonathan Eng, Events Liaison

Josephine Cohen, Eco-Reps Liaison

Karin Schroeder

Kendall Cascell, Events Liaison

Kristina Stevanovic, Co-Chair*

Kristen Bangma

Kristen Ronan

Kyle Blake

Lauren Cassot, Fordham Flea Liaison

Liz Sanchez

Liz Shim,  Fordham Flea Liaison

Maggie Tattersfield, Chair*

Mansi Jajoo

Mara Feierbach-Christian

Maria Eisenhardt

Meg Cardi

Mia DeMeola

Molly Gleason, 100% Renewable Energy and Eco-Reps Liaison

Nicolette Makris, Dining Liaison

Olivia Frantzeskos

Olivia Macdonald, Eco-Reps Liaison

Olivia Spano

Ryan Heffron

Sammi Petruzzelli

Sophia Rust

Stephen Esposito, OSI Advisor

Sydney Allen

Tayler Rogers