2020 Communications Report

In a time defined by distance and disconnect, my main goal during my first semester as Vice President of Communications and chair of the Communications and Marketing Committee was to streamline information and provide transparency across the board. 

Given the unprecedented times, I made it my mission to promote COVID safety through our Instagram with weekly posts every Friday to remind students to stay responsible and safe. Some themes for this series include COVID-friendly places to visit in the Bronx and across New York City, restaurants with outdoor dining options, tips for a safe Halloween, and virtual activities to stay connected with friends both on and off campus. We will continue this series as long as COVID-19 remains rampant to remind our constituents to care for themselves and others.

As part of the goal to improve transparency, increase approachability, and communicate with our constituents. we introduced our senators and cabinet members and some “quick facts” about each one on our Instagram page 

As a continuation of our transparency efforts, I posted on our Instagram story 24 hours before our weekly Thursday meetings to give our followers a chance to raise questions pertaining to our weekly theme, general concerns, or anything else. Along with each story post, I promoted the Zoom link for constituents to tune in to meetings from the comfort of their own dorms or homes!

The Communications and Marketing Committee also worked to create relevant and helpful posts throughout the semester. Some of these posts include voter registration information, a master post of Counseling and Psychological Services resources and workshops, where and why to get a flu shot, tips on coping with Zoom fatigue, and a COVID safety guide for the last two weeks of the Fall 2020 semester.

Upon starting my position as Vice President of Communications, I focused on growing our Instagram reach so that our resources and direct contact-point were easily accessible to all of our constituents. Over the Fall 2020 semester, the @fordhamusg Instagram account has grown by almost 2000 followers, and some committee accounts that we helped expand have gained over 500 each.

Next semester we plan to continue our communication efforts by expanding our social media presence and continuing to focus on transparency and consistency.

Maya Bentovim