Eden Kavanagh

Academic Subcommittee Co-Head

Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2025

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Subcommittee Description

The Academic Subcommittee of Dean’s Council is made up of driven students who are dedicated to improving the Gabelli School of Business experience. The subcommittee receives feedback from the student body on issues regarding curriculum and works alongside the Deans to implement change. 

Why did you join Dean’s Council?

I joined Dean’s Council when I realized I wanted to become more than a student on campus, and GSB Dean’s Council was a way I could serve and lead within our business community. I’m passionate about our school and love the opportunity to consistently improve the holistic experience. An added reason why I’ve stayed with Dean’s Council is that the students who make up this group are some of the kindest and brightest, so being a member has benefited me greatly as I participate in this community.