Campaigning for Class of 2026 Senate Elections has begun! Polls will open at 9 AM on September 19th.

Leave your mark on Fordham, run for USG!

Interested in running for United Student Government, improving the student experience at Rose Hill, and being the change you want to see on campus? Great! Our election process is now underway, and here is everything you need to know:

So you want to run for USG? Here’s how to do it…

1. Decide you want to run!

Can you commit to the weekly 5:30-7:00 PM Thursday meetings?

If you can’t commit to these regular meetings, this might not be the year to run for USG. Meetings are mandatory for all senators and VPs.  

2. Attend an Information Session

The information sessions will take place on the following dates. If you can’t make any session, please contact usgrh@fordham.edu.

3. Get Signatures! (Refer to the Candidate Packet in the sidebar)

4. Fill out the Candidate Information Packet! (Refer to the Information Packet in the sidebar)

Here’s what you’ll be asked to complete:

  • Personal info (name, email, class, position you’re running for etc.)
  • Intent to Abide
  • Candidate Platform (examples here)
  • Candidate Signatures (examples here)
  • Social Media Handles (whatever accounts you’re using to campaign)
  • Ballot Info (name, picture, and other info that we’ll feature of you)
  • Submit your form! 

5. Attend a USG Meeting (optional, but encouraged)

All USG meetings are held 5:30-7:00 every Thursday — you can attend online or join us in person in Bepler Commons under Faber Hall! 

6. Mark your calendars for these Mandatory Meetings:

7. Campaign


1. How many signatures do I need to submit per position?

  • All senate candidates must receive signatures from only their class and Rose Hill
  • Senate Candidates must receive 50 signatures from students in their class
  • VP of FCRH and Gabelli must receive 100 signatures from their respective college
  • All other cabinet candidates must receive 150 signatures
  • Executive ticket must receive a total of 250 signatures.

3. That’s a lot of signatures …. How do I get the required amount?

  • Ask your friends, classmates, club members and roommates! You can ask people in person, you can call people on the phone or even DM people on Instagram!

4. What should my campaign promotional materials look like?

  • They can be anything! From official photoshoots, to TikToks, to printed posters! As long as your materials follow the rules outlined in the Election Code and are appropriate, you are free to do whatever best represents your platform. Have fun with it!

5. How many meetings are required to run for this position?

  • 3!* One information session, the Candidate Kickoff Meeting, and Meet the Candidates (either Senate or Executive and Cabinet depending on what you’re running for)
  • *If you’re running for a VP position, check the bylaws for this position because most require that you attend their Council meetings in addition to a USG Meeting. For example, if you’re running for VP of Gabelli, you’re required to attend 2 GSB Dean’s Council meetings and 1 GSB Dean’s Council Supermeeting to run for the position. 

6. What’s the difference between Cabinet and Senate?

  • The USG Cabinet is made up of 8 VP positions and the Executive ticket, or the Executive Vice President and President. Each VP chairs a Council related to their respective seat. For example, the VP of Gabelli chairs the Gabelli Dean’s Council. Each VP is responsible for their council and serves as a mentor for senators looking to pass proposals related to their respective seats.
  • The USG Senate is made up of 4 class councils with 5 senate seats on each. Each class elects 2 FCRH and 2 Gabelli Senators with the 5th seat acting as a swing for the next candidate with the highest votes, regardless of school. Senators participate in the committees the VP’s run, as mentioned above, and can present and pass their own individual proposals as well. They represent their individual class and college. 


Email usgrh@fordham.edu for inquiries!