Liz Shim

Vice President of Sustainability

Fordham College Rose Hill, Class of 2023

Major: Biological sciences on the pre-Health track
Clubs: Vice President of ACE; Intramural Volleyball
Pronouns: She/Her

Why did you join USG?

After becoming friends with a couple of USG representatives, I realized how much they do for us behind the scenes, and I wanted to reciprocate. I started on the Sustainability Committee as an Eco-Rep, and I wanted to become more involved with creating long-lasting change that will surpass my years here. Climate change is one of humanity’s top crises, and the current state of Earth and the rate of climate change is becoming even more of a pressing matter. It is in my best interest to help everyone help the Earth survive and heal before the damage is irreversible, which might be soon. Although climate change is terrifying, it is of the utmost importance to stay optimistic, and I wish to spread that optimism. 

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

I hope to successfully implement proposals on introducing composting to the dining hall and single-stream recycling on campus. Also, as Vice President of a cultural club, I want to raise awareness of the intersectionality of environmentalism and sustainability through events and collaborations with outside organizations. 

Where are you originally from?

Cresskill, NJ

What was your top song of 2021? 

BYE by Jaden

What is your favorite thing about Fordham?

The people here and chilling on Eddie’s with them.

Where to reach me: