Luke Patrick Morgan

Senator, President Pro Tempore

Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2022

Major: Finance, Concentration in Alternative Investments, Minors in Economics and Business Law and Ethics
Committees: Operations, Budget, House, Communications & Marketing, and Sustainability
Clubs: Orientation, Ski Club, Outdoors Club, and Prince Coffee (hopefully that counts as a club), United Student Government
Other Relevant Experience: In New Jersey, I work as a Chef at a top-tier restaurant. I worked hard to get in that position, and sometimes I find myself working 13-hour shifts in the heat of summer, just to make enough money to pay for college. I hope that speaks volumes about my work ethic/ my ability to get results for the students of Fordham. To me, experience isn’t about how big your resume is, but instead how dedicated you are to something you love.


Why did you join USG?

I joined USG with the idea that it was an organization mostly unknown or otherwise looked down upon by our student body. I see how prestigious and notable other school’s Student Governments are, and it drives me to make ours work better everyday. I joined USG because I didn’t feel included by it, and I didn’t feel that I mattered to USG after one whole year at Fordham not knowing what it is. It bothered me so much when my friends would talk about it as an exclusive and elite club, because that’s not the reputation it should have. I made it my mission to change that for my next three years at Fordham.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

This year, I was elected President pro tempore, and I used this position to hold each and every member of USG to their word of working to better the student body. I worked tirelessly to meet with tons of representatives, making sure that were were revising our internal structure and creating programs to make the lives of the students easier.

Where are you originally from?

Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey

If you really knew me, you’d know that…

I have what my parents call an irrational love of Ginger Ale.

My favorite place on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus is…

wherever the cats take shelter. I’m allergic, but I still feed them. Join the movement… #FeedTheCats

What is your favorite quote?

“A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try.” – Alan Arkin

Where to reach me: