Nicola (Nicky) D’Abundo


Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2026

Major: Biology and Psychology

Minor: Anthropology

Clubs: Mimes and Mummers, Pride Alliance, Chemistry Club, Psychology Club, Fordham Quiz Bowl, Fordham College Dems, Fordham MAPS
Pronouns: He/Him

Why did you join USG?

I decided to join United Student Government because I believe that with my voice and charismatic character, I will be able to effectively promote the voice of the freshman class as well as the Fordham community as a whole. Also, with my outgoing personality, I believe I am a perfect opportunity for the freshman class to bestow in me their trust and hope for a better Fordham community.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

As a newly elected senate official, I wish to dedicate myself to working diligently and efficiently on the prospects of the Fordham Freshman class. I wish to quicken the process of getting water fountains within dormitories as well as work on curating initiatives and outlines for mending of resource availability for everyone on the Fordham campus. 

Where are you originally from?

Springfield, Pennsylvania

What was your top song of 2021?

Transparent Soul – Willow Smith

What is your favorite thing about Fordham?

My favorite thing about Fordham would have to be the experiences and friendships I have made with so many students throughout the diverse campus of the Fordham community. Everyone is so very nice.