Sabrina Fernandez

Mentorship Subcommittee Co-Head

Gabelli School of Business

Hometown: Miami, FL

Subcommittee Description

The mentorship subcommittee provides Gabelli students with opportunities to expand their network with fellow peers and professionals. The committee aims to foster connections amongst the Fordham community and others that will provide meaningful guidance for the future.

Why did you join Dean’s Council?

My name is Sabrina Fernandez, and I am from Miami, Florida. I joined the Dean’s Council to actively contribute to improving the academic experience for students. Being a part of the council allows me to work with my peers, voice concerns, and make valuable suggestions to enhance various aspects of the Gabelli School of Business. Additionally, through active engagement and thoughtful initiatives, I aspire to provide a roadmap that facilitates exploration and nurtures the growth of aspiring legal professionals within our academic community.