About SMTF

About USG’s Sexual Misconduct Task Force (SMTF)


In September 2014, United Student Government at Rose Hill established the Sexual Misconduct Task Force
in order to address the national epidemic of sexual misconduct that is prevalent at colleges and universities across the nation.
A collaboration between USG, Women’s Empowerment, and other student organizations, the task force aims to
spark dialogue about the culture surrounding this topic on our own campus.

Club Delegates

Co-Chair: Caroline Corwin (Women’s Empowerment)
Co-Chair: Brian Daaleman (USG)

Anisah Assim (USG)
Samantha Banjany (Peer Eds.)
Siobhan Donahue (CSA)
Rachel Dougherty (WE)
Anna Holt (USG)
Alex Janzen (PHE)
Nevin Kulangara (USG)
Sarah Lundell (WE)
Alexandra Marshall (CAB)
Genevieve McNamara (WE)
Paul Monaghan Jr. (SAAC)
Kathryn Peachman (USG)
Thomas Samuelson (USG)
Margaret Senft (Peer Eds.)
Sarah Skrobala (USG)
Monica Sobrin (WE)
Charles Summers (USG)
Alexandra Utech (USG)