Sexual Misconduct Task Force

Finding ourselves in a national climate of battling sexual misconduct and assault, specifically on college campuses,

Understanding that the coercion and violation of an individual on any basis, but especially on a sexual basis, is to be considered a heinous and despicable violation of the innate human dignity of each person,

Deeply conscious of our Catholic, Jesuit tradition, the defense and care of the whole person, regardless of any modifying factors such as gender, creed, sexual orientation, or race, is not only to be considered a necessary structure of social contract, but a moral imperative,

Recognizing our position as an academic institution, we note that knowledge has a value in practical application when in the employment of serving others. We also note that as an academic institution, there is a duty to provide an equal opportunity for those who are the survivors of sexual assault and misconduct,

We the undersigned hereby resolve to:

  1. Seek to eliminate assaults on and off our campus and to seek an increase in reporting of those assaults which do occur,
  2. Create a culture of consent through education, in order that the fundamental rights of each person are protected and to foster a respect for the human person as an end, in-and-of-them self.
  3. Aim to ensure a clear and precise procedure of reporting, and to ultimately relieve any burdens that fall upon those who have been the recipients of injustice and that all parties involved have their rights respected under a fair and equitable system of determination.


We are in complete accordance with the above statements, and hereby support all efforts that may find their genesis here within.

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The following clubs and organizations have signed on to the resolution:

Women’s Empowerment
United Student Government
Campus Activities Board
Residence Halls Association
Commuting Students’ Association
Peer Educators