Current USG Initiatives

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Nicholas Abbazio

Come hell or high water, the Fordham Food Run will be the biggest event on campus, rivaling spring weekend of course. Also, it is my dream to get dogs on campus. They are cute, they are cuddly, and they take away stress. Win win win. And I also know that the corona virus will bring a new slew of issues to the table for USG to face. I am prepared to take these issues head on.

Carsyn Fisher

Katie Keane

I am hoping to help make Fordham more sustainable, and make USG more transparent.

Trayer Musselman

I’m hoping to connect with my fellow seniors and to address any issues that they might have. I also wish to make a lasting impact on campus.

Carlos Rico  

Flannery Brown

I want to work with the sustainability committee to lower Fordham’s carbon footprint, work with dining services to find healthier options to serve on campus, and come up with ways to get students more involved within the Bronx community.

David D’Onofrio 

I want to continue correspondences with the director of Libraries for Fordham University to pursue bringing a source of coffee into Walsh Library. COVID-19 caused delays in this initiative but I am passionate about reaching the completion. I hope to improve myself as a resource for all students to come and log questions/comments/complaints that I can then direct to the proper channels on campus.

Griffin LaMarche

I am hoping to help form Fordham’s culture to a definitive level that’s more than just “New York’s School of Second Choice.” I see so many people put down Fordham and have a lack of school spirit and I want to do what I can to change that.

Iris Maloney

I am hoping to promote a healthy dialogue around mental health, and encourage student comfort in using the mental health resources provided on campus. 

Luke Morgan

This year, I was elected president pro tempore, and I used this position to hold each and every member of USG to their word of working to better the student body. I worked tirelessly to meet with tons of representatives, making sure that were were revising our internal structure and creating programs to make the lives of the students easier. For the following year, I want to double down my efforts. I joined USG because I wanted to make sure that every student knows who their voice is on campus, and to participate in elections to select the right candidates. This year, I plan on ramping up our social media and online presence as the co-chair of the Communications committee, and I also want to institute Town Halls in the common halls and residence buildings to encourage students to provide us feedback and ask us questions. I would also hope to ramp up our physical marketing system by practicing “big marketing” on campus, and making sure we are directing the vital attention of students to interesting and crucial elements of their life at Fordham, such as the app for the on-campus shuttle that nobody knows about. I also pledge to make USG a more welcoming and friendly place for students, and I hope to find a way to encourage attendance at our meetings to hear public concerns. This is a fantastic way for us to establish ourselves on campus, and to remove any negative feelings about our organization. It’s a must: we need to reach out to students, not wait for them to reach out to us.

Alex Chavez

This year, I am hoping to accomplish multiple initiatives that will strengthen the relationship between all Fordham students and have a positive impact on the student body.

Jonathan Eng

I am hoping to accomplish more in my role as a Senator on the Sustainability Committee through initiatives for recycling and donation. I also hope to assist student acclimation through my Welcome to Fordham documents. Most of all, I hope to meet new people and accomplish whatever they hope needs to be accomplished!

Teresa Jacob

Working alongside USG’s Diversity Action Coalition to incorporating more tangible initiatives when it comes to spurring racial and gender diversity on campus. Also, I plan on proposing additional initiatives when it comes to promoting mental health awareness for students & potentially proposing legislative reform for Fordham’s current guest policy on campus. 

Phil Krehbiel

Setting up a self-sustaining infrastructure for the printers.

Stephen Pastore

I hope to get the guest policy changed so that students can sign in someone of the opposite gender and also get marketing majors more representation within the Gabelli School of Business. Moreover, I want to start an Instagram account that brings the Fordham community together using the power of social media.

Olivia Quartell, Executive President

Thomas Reuter, Executive Vice President

Please take a look at my platform here

Audrey Felton, Vice President of Operations

As VP of Operations, I hope to create an updated, standardized new club application process. New clubs will meet with an Operations liaison upon submitting their preliminary application and be granted a trial period before submitting a full application. I also hope to increase student involvement by making the club fairs more accessible and posting a full list of active clubs on the USG website.

Mary Katherine Smyth, Vice President of Student Life

I hope to continually increase student involvement in events on campus. I think participation in these events help students to form a deeper connection to the Fordham community.

Maya Bentovim, Vice President of Communications, Dining Chair

I hope to strengthen communication between USG and the student body and be more transparent overall with what representatives are working on and how the process works. 

For dining, I hope to work with Aramark to provide healthier food options and more sustainable practices.

Elizabeth Bjorklund, Vice President of Finance and Budgets

Anna Lazzaro, Vice President of Fordham College Rose Hill

One initiative that I have worked on and would like to continue next year is the new FASA program which can help improve freshman advising, as well as restarting the Transfer Mentorship Program which launched in 2019. I would also love to increase communication between FCRH students and administration, creating real change in small steps.

Reilly Keane, Vice President of Gabelli School of Business

Grow on-campus presence in Dean’s Council, create more programs to involve Gabelli students, continue to communicate the needs of Gabelli students to the Dean’s effectively.

Lindsey Sullivan, Vice President of Health and Security

This year, I hope to promote positive relationships between CPS, Public Safety, FUEMS, the Health Center, and the Fordham student body. I hope to facilitate and expand advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, education about resources available to the student body, and conversation about mental health and wellbeing.

Maggie Tattersfield, Vice President of Sustainability 

Arianna Chen, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

This year, the Diversity Action Coalition will continue to work with relevant student groups, faculty, and administration to expand upon the way in which the University advocates, celebrates, and supports all diverse identities. Alongside continued projects from last year such as the expansion of OMA in the updated McGinley Center; land acknowledgement; diversity recruitment program catalogue; and climate survey, the Diversity Action Coalition hopes to use student feedback to take on new initiatives that support the diverse Fordham community and promote intercultural student engagement.