USG Responds to Grade Delays Before Pass/Fail Deadline

One huge student concern about the new P/F system is the current lack of updated grades. In response, a letter was sent last week to the faculty, urging them to post grades before the April 24th deadline. The only way we can take advantage of this new system is if all class grades are transparent -- we ask you to follow up with your teachers if there are further delays, to make sure the entire student body is treated fairly during this remote period.

A Zoom Transition: First Gathering for Newly Elected Students is Virtual

The long recognized tradition of Student Government transition stood without delay last week, despite COVID-19 taking us off campus. On Thursday, outgoing President Kaylee Wong happily welcomed the new Student Government representatives, sharing superlatives and reminiscing with fellow Seniors before introducing Olivia Quartell (Class of 2021) into her role.


On another note, you now have new representatives! On our website, you can see a profile on each member of the USG Senate. Take a look here!


Kicking off This Week: Earth Week!

This week, the USG Sustainability Committee kicked off Earth Week, in a joint venture with the Climate Impact Initiative here at Fordham University. There are a ton of virtual events organized by these fantastic organizations that you can attend this week! Some highlights:

    Monday (4/20) - A conversation with the founder and CEO of Dot Cup will be held via Zoom at 1 pm EST. For the meeting link and more information on attending this, see @usgsustainability on Instagram.
    Tuesday (4/21) - Social Innovation Day (via Zoom), with many exciting guests, from 10am to 3pm EST.
    Wednesday (4/22) - Policy expert Roger Sorkin will speak on using narrative strategy to guide enviornmental policy (8:00pm EST).
    Friday (4/24) - A sustainable Netflix Party, featuring "Night on Earth: Dark Seas" at 8:00pm EST.