Budget Committee

Student Activities Budget Committee


About the Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for granting funding to student clubs and organizations on the Rose Hill campus, based on the rules and guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook. The committee consists of 7-11 members of the student body and a non-voting Chair. The committee meets weekly to consider clubs’ appeals for funds. In order for an appeal to be viewed at a Wednesday budget meeting it must be submitted by 4:59pm on Tuesday. These meetings are open for viewing for any member of the student body; voting records and outcomes of clubs’ appeals are posted online every week. Questions? Email: usgbudgetrh@fordham.edu

Status of Committee Funds

The Budget Committee currently has funding available to allocate to clubs. At the current time, the Budget Committee is accepting new budget requests, date changes, and reallocation requests. Any questions please contact your liaison or the VP of Finance and Budgets, Elizabeth Bjorklund, at usgbudgetrh@fordham.edu.

Student Activity Budget Committee Guidelines

These are the guidelines the Budget Committee follows to allocate funds for Budget requests, date changes and reallocation requests. Please read them in full to get a full picture of how to apply for funds-they are in a document below. If you have any questions please ask the Chair or your liaison. The rules were designed to be fairly self-explanatory but clarifications and questions are welcomed. There will be info sessions explaining the Budget Guidelines and commonly made errors prior to the due date for Spring 2018 Budget Packets.

The Guide to Budgeting

The Budget Committee has created a Guide to Budgeting to help you through the Budgeting Process, it includes useful information such as step by step guide to submitting a budget through OrgSync, a comprehensive guide to Backup Documentation, and Frequent Issues with Budgeting. This is meant to act as an addition to the Student Activities Budget Committee Guidelines, not as a replacement. We recommend that you use both when filling out an appeal.

Submitting a Budget

On OrgSync, to fill out a new budget appeal, reallocation, or date change. Please see below for step-by-step instructions

Submitting an Appeal for Budget Day

Each semester the Chairperson will reach out to club leaders and inform them of the deadline that “Budget Packets” are due. A “Budget Packet” is simply a new budget appeal that would be considered on budget day, these are submitted just like any other appeal would be. These appeals are then considered with a holistic view of club spending, as long as the appeal is submitted on time. Club leaders will receive notification of the outcomes via email after the last Student Life Council meeting of the semester. If approved, putting in the planning and work into submitting a Budget Packet allows you to go into the next semester knowing that you will definitely have funding.

Submitting an Appeal during the Semester of Spending

Appeals during the semester are considered on a first come, first serve basis at the Budget Committee’s Wednesday meetings, provided that there is a full committee. Appeals submitted by Tuesday at 5pm will be considered at the same week’s Wednesday meetings.

The committee is limited both by the rules outlined above and by limited amount of funds. Club leaders will hear of the decision on the appeal within a day of the meeting. Club leaders have a right to advocate for funding and be open for questions during the meeting your appeal is considered-please let the Chairperson (usgbudgetrh@fordham.edu), know if you’d like to come by to speak to the committee. To increase your chances of getting funding, submit your appeal as soon as possible.

Let the Chair know if you have any questions or would like a member of the committee to look over the appeal before you submit it.

**Please Note: Reallocation and date change requests are not considered if the date change has already passed by the time the committee reviews the request. The only exception to this is if the committee itself was not able to meet a certain week.**



Elizabeth Bjorklund (Non-Voting Chairperson)

Patrick Fox (Vice-Chairperson)

Alex Chavez (Class Senator)

Matt Heutel (Class Senator)

JonMichael Connolly

Claire McDonnell

Darren Tha

Agust Bragason

Jess Pham

Mac McCormick

Will Perlman



Every Wednesday at 2:30pm

8/28 – Campbell Multipurpose room at 2:30 PM
9/4 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
9/11 – Campbell Multipurpose room at 2:30 PM
9/18 – Campbell Multipurpose room at 2:30 PM
9/25 – Bepler Commons at 4:30 PM
10/2 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
10/9 – Bepler Commons at 2:30
10/16 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
10/23 –  Bepler Commons at 4:30 PM
10/30 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
11/6 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
11/13 – Bepler Commons at 4:30 PM
11/20 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
12/4  – TBD at 4:30 PM
12/11 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM 
1/15 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
1/22 – Bepler Commons at 4:30 PM
1/29 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
2/5 – MCG North Dining at 2:30 PM
2/12 – Campbell Multipurpose Room at 4:30 PM
2/19 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
2/26 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
3/4 – TBD at 2:30 PM
3/11 – Campbell Multipurpose Room at 4:30 PM
3/18 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
3/25 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
4/1 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
4/8 – Bepler Commons at 2:30 PM
4/15 – Bepler Commons at 4:30 PM
4/22 – MCG North Dining at 2:30 PM
4/29 – Campbell Multipurpose Room at 2:30 PM
5/6 – Bepler Commons at 4:30 PM