GSB Dean's Council

About the Committee

The Gabelli School of Business Academic Dean’s Council provides a forum for discussion between students, faculty and administration. Its purpose is to voice concerns in order to improve the academic experience, increase participation in undergraduate research among students and act as a resource to the Gabelli School of Business.

The GSB Dean’s Council meets on Thursdays from 1-2:15PM EST.

Please reach out to for questions and ideas on how to make the Gabelli School a better place every day.


This year, Dean’s Council is focusing on two main initiatives: GabelliVision and TEDxFordhamU. GabelliVision is a weekly video series that highlights current events within the Gabelli School and other notable students, faculty, and news. TEDxFordhamU is Dean’s Council’s initiative to host a TEDx event here at Fordham.

In addition to our two major initiatives, the Dean’s Council is also working to further four additional projects/initiatives: Academic Advisory, Diversity/LGBTQ Initiatives, Study Abroad Stipends, and Transfer Student Integration.

GSB Dean's Council


  • Philanthropy
  • Gabelli Vision
  • Diversity
  • Transfer
  • Mentorship
  • Academic Advisory
  • Social Media
  • Commuter Services
  • Gabelli Speaks


Natalia Kimmelshue (Chair)

Rachel Brown (Junior Co-Chair)

Jack Spitza

Matthew Wilson

Colin Wexler

Adwitya Singh

Gabriella Amaturo

Kieran Brown

Alban Celaj

Courtney Vita

Griffin LaMarche

Christopher Thurber

Corey Vita

Briana DiCostanzo

John Smith III

Maggie Kauderer

Katherine Doss

Stephen Pastore

Aidan Youngs

Riley Moran

Jimmy Wolfe

Michael Gundersen

Vasiliki Lazaridis

Elaine Sionov

Bobby Singh

Alex Chavez

Chloe Mathewson

Eleni Konstantellis

Paige Barcus

Kyra Varnavas

Connor Brandvold

Carter Walters

Corrine Villany

Maria Narvaez

Chris Webb

Eden Kavanaugh

Trey Wall

Edwin Hess

Timmy O’Hanlon

Kyle Flanagan

Nora McShane

Connor Mancuso

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