FCRH Dean's Council

About the Dean’s Council

The Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean’s Council provides a forum for discussion between students, faculty, and administration. Its purpose is to voice concerns in order to improve the academic experience for students, increase participation in undergraduate research among students, and act as a resource to the Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean’s Office.

This year, the FCRH Dean’s Council is focused on creating substantial and clearly structured subcommittees so that initiatives can be easily transferred from year to year. The initiatives that Dean’s Council is focusing on this year center around bolstering student voices and breaking down the barriers that keep administrators and students away from each other. These include the FCRH and GSB Town Hall, the Research Reception, etc. Moreover, the FCRH Dean’s Council has been opening up better communication with the GSB Dean’s Council.

Some of the past initiatives of the Dean’s Council include: the aforementioned Research Reception, an opportunity for students and upcoming faculty researchers to mingle and develop working opportunities, improved relationships with Career Services in which we seek to create new opportunities for liberal arts students to explore different career opportunities, and a collaboration with IT and Residential Life to push for printers in the residence halls.

Please reach out to Anna Lazzaro (alazzaro1@fordham.edu) for questions and ideas on how to make Fordham College at Rose Hill a better place every day.

FCRH Dean's Council


  • Anna Lazzaro 2021 (Chair)
  • Phillip Krehbiel 2023 (Co-Chair)
  • Maggie Riley 2022
  • Gracie Anderson 2023
  • Patricia Santos 2022
  • Kaleigh Pfohl 2023
  • Eric Larson 2023
  • Jonathan Eng 2023
  • Audrey Felton 2022
  • Sophia Idso 2021
  • Geraldine Riveros 2022
  • Maya Dominguez 2023
  • Sarah Goldstein 2024
  • Jack Balboni 2024
  • Flannery Brown 2022
  • Maggie Tattersfield 2022
  • Anna Torpey


  • Thursdays at 1:00 p.m.


  • Student Acclimation
  • Social Media
  • Dean’s Council Events

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