Dining Committee


About the Committee

The Dining Committee works very closely with Aramark towards improving satisfaction with the food facilities and services offered at the Rose Hill campus.  The committee particularly focuses on:

  • Adding and renovating new facilities
  • Making the dining experience more enjoyable
  • Introducing new food choices
  • Improving the meal plan and its versatility
  • Increasing options for students with food allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Implementing sustainable methods for dealing with food and waste


Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 3 PM.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, or if you are interested in joining the Dining Committee, please contact our Dining Committee Chair Maya Bentovim at usgdining@fordham.edu


  • Maya Bentovim (Chair)
  • Michael Pelletiere (Vice Chair)
  • Katherine Delahunt
  • Keegan Roeder
  • Eleanor Westerbeck
  • Andrew Falduto
  • Dana Kenneally
  • Erin Rogerson
  • Francesca Flood
  • Joseph DeFrino¬†
  • Kanak Shah
  • Rissa Chandy
  • Anya Stevens
  • Cole Mullins
  • Jillian Choy
  • Joseph Mercandetti
    House Committee