Committee on Sexual Misconduct

About the Committee

The Committee on Sexual Misconduct is a newly formed assemblage of United Student Government. The Committee aims to continue with the discussion of sexual misconduct that was sparked by the Sexual Misconduct Task Force of the 2014-2015 academic year.


The Committee on Sexual Misconduct seeks to:

  • Maintain and strengthen educational, working, and living environments established on civility and mutual respect,
  • Examine the impact of campus-wide and nation-wide policies related to the prevention of sexual misconduct; and the response and support for Fordham University members affected by incidents of sexual assault,
  • Increase awareness of our campus’ resources for Fordham University members,
  • Strive to reduce the number of sexual assaults on and off campus,  and
  • Encourage members of the Fordham University community to report these incidents. Additionally, we will promote a culture of consent on campus.

If you would like to learn more about our initiatives or how you could join the committee, please contact either or  

FCRH Dean's Council
Lindsey Sullivan (Chairperson)
Alex Shaw (Vice Chair)
Elizabeth Galbo
Emma Claire Marvin
Jordan Wappler
Liam Leahy
Ben Medeiros
Anna Monroe David D’Onofrio
Kristina Stevanovic
Daphne Baker
Megan Dowden
Alexis Cosenzo
Billy Harrison
Ayana Bitter
Willow Scott
Jacqueline Kaiser
Anna Monroe
Megha Chakraborty
Alexis Cosenzo
Caitlin Rogers
Mia Tommins
Jack Gildea
Priyanka Koshy
Meghan Haggerty
Teresa Jacob
Tina Zou
Farah Elrakhawi
Dana Kenneally
Julianna Czernyk
Theresa Haussman