Thang Nguyen


Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2027

Major(s): Finance

Clubs: Ascend, Ace, The Foundry, Global Market Society, VSA 
Pronouns: He/Him

Why did you join USG?

During my first month at Fordham, I’ve come to see this university as my home for the next four crucial years, and I believe the same holds true for many other students. I want to ensure that every member of our community, including myself, can make the most of their time here, and I believe that the USG provides the ideal platform to pursue this objective.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

My ultimate aim is to enhance the well-being and potential of our student body. In the upcoming year, I aspire to elevate the overall quality of student life, enrich their educational journey, and broaden the array of opportunities available within our community. I want us, students at Fordham, to not only feel comfortable but also inspired to reach their full potential, fostering an environment that nurtures personal and academic growth.

What is your hometown?


What is your favorite thing about Fordham?

I love Martyrs’ Lawn, especially at night. There’s a certain enchantment to the illumination of dimly lit lamps and the refreshing night air on the lawn. Moreover, I’ve found a particular affinity for the view of the lawn from the study room at the Walsh Library, which adds an extra layer of appreciation for this cherished spot.

What has been your favorite class at Fordham so far?

One class that stands out as my favorite is Ancient Rome History. I enjoy delving into the mythological narratives surrounding the genesis of Rome and the political framework of the ancient city. What makes this class particularly memorable is our instructor’s enthusiasm and dedication to bringing laughter and excitement into our class, which is remarkable, especially at 8:30 in the morning.