To members of the Rose Hill community,


We the United Student Government at Rose Hill (USG RH) hope to share a brief message in light of recent press surrounding the United Student Government at Lincoln Center (USG LC) and Fordham University as they relate to the club approval process. 

As we look towards the start of the school year, we would like to remind the Rose Hill community that we stand as a supporter of all undergraduate students. We were established as a representative government to promulgate a unified voice to all partitions and extensions of the University, to promote, protect, and defend the general welfare of the Fordham community in which students are paramount.

We, the United Student Government at Rose Hill, will continue to be the voice of the student body of Fordham College Rose Hill (FCRH) and the Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill (GSB RH). We operate by and for students as a nonpartisan organization when it comes to the values of students as they relate to the formation of student clubs in order to foster an inclusive campus environment. We stand as a voice and as a forum for all students. Although the views of USG RH represent the ideas and concerns of the undergraduate student body at Rose Hill but do not necessarily represent those of the University, we will always work to foster a vibrant community both on and off campus and facilitate effective communication throughout the University.


Thank you,

-United Student Government at Rose Hill 2019-2020